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Our Philosophy

Daintree Secrets owners and their staff are passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

We realise we have a very special parcel of land tucked in amongst the oldest living rainforest on earth and we delight in sharing this with others.

Our entire purpose in owning and operating Daintree Secrets is to act as custodians of this unique property, and to inspire others through their immersion in this ancient rainforest (even if only for a few days) to seek a responsible path of sustainability and protection of this precious planet, in their everyday lives.

A stay at Daintree Secrets really showcases how wonderful this precious planet is - naturally. It’s a complete juxtaposition to the modern world we are used to, with every modern convenience at our fingertips and unfortunately – concrete jungles rather than treed jungles.

A stay at Daintree Secrets will hopefully renew your passion for nature and the natural world and, even if in some small way, instigate changes in the choices you make every day to help keep our planet safe, clean and sustainable for future generations.

Daintree Holiday Home Eco Sustainability

Our Power

As there is no electricity grid north of the Daintree River, most properties run diesel generators for all of their power, creating noise, fumes and carbon emissions.

Daintree Secrets is one of the few properties able to operate our own hydro-electric power system, as we have a permanently running stream and sufficient vertical drop for its operation.

To back this up, we have installed a large solar power system and a modern bank of batteries. These together produce enough power for a family. We do ask that guests are aware of the energy they use and we discourage the use of high energy appliances, such as hair dryers.

We do have a back-up generator to ensure our guests are never left without power for whatever reason, but this is rarely necessary.

Our Water

With a permanently running stream running directly off the highest peak in the world’s oldest living rainforest (Thornton Peak), our water is pristine.

Water is pumped via an electric pump from our stream to a holding tank at the top of our property. This is in turn gravity fed to the house as required.

Drinking water is filtered and we do not use chlorine.

Guests are sent detailed information when they make a booking at Daintree Secrets and this is re-sent one month prior to their stay. We ask that they refrain from bringing plastic water bottles and any unnecessary plastic or toxic chemicals into the Daintree region.

Our Wastewater and Sewerage

Our wastewater and sewerage is quite simple.

All waste pipes except the laundry & kitchen sink run into a septic tank and then into a large holding tank in the ground.

Water from the washing machines and kitchen run straight into this tank.

From the holding tank, the water and waste is pumped up to a distribution box in the garden.

From this pit the water runs out into absorption trenches under our large grassy playing field. This effectively keeps our grass green, without the need for additional watering.

Our Cleaning Products & Guest Supplies

In keeping with our philosophy of sustainability, we use only bio-degradable, non-toxic products for all of our cleaning and garden maintenance and guest supplies.

We ask that guests “bring only planet friendly personal hygiene products” to the Daintree

Reducing the Use of Single Use Plastics

Being in such a pristine environment, we have always shunned the use of single use plastic products. We notify our clients when they book their holiday, that “Queensland supermarkets no longer provide free plastic bags for your shopping, in an attempt to save the world from the problems of single use plastic products. Please bring your own re-useable bags or you can choose to purchase re-useable bags at the counter.”

We also ask that they avoid bringing bottled water and any unnecessary plastic/ packaging to the Daintree.


We ask that guests help us to recycle as much of their waste products as possible.

We provide separate bins for general rubbish, recyclables such as tins and bottles and for cardboard and paper. The cardboard and paper is recycled into our gardens.

All recyclables are disposed of correctly at the Cow Bay Transfer Station by our groundsman.

Small 10 cent refundable bottles are collected by our groundman and placed into the bins at the Transfer Station, raising money for the local school and medical centre.

Our Natural Environment

The Daintree is a wild and relatively untouched diverse natural environment.

Daintree Secrets is set on 4 acres. About 1 acre of this was cleared for driveways and carparks by the original owner. Since taking ownership, we have slowly revegetated much of the rainforest, bringing it back to a more natural state.

The remaining 3 acres are verdant, virgin rainforest and will remain that way forever.

Whether exploring our rainforest, or one of the many boardwalks/ hiking trails in the area. We ask that you help care for the environment and our native fauna by following these guidelines:

  • Drive on designated roads only
  • Stay on boardwalks and marked trails when exploring.
  • Respect areas of cultural significance.
  • Do not light fires
  • Do not litter. Take your rubbish with you when out and about, or better still avoid packaged food and drinks all together.
  • Use only toilets provided. These are available at both sides of the ferry terminal and at the start of all boardwalks.
  • Do not approach native wildlife. Give them space.
  • Do not feed wildlife as it can make them sick and can lead to aggressive behaviour with time.
  • Do not bring domestic animals into the national park.

Our Partners

Queensland Tourism
Eco Tourism Australia
Rainforest 4 Foundation

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our flora and fauna safe and healthy for future generations.

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